“I have been working with Fred Bumpass professionally over the past few years in the real estate industry. Fred has always done an excellent job with his presentations and training with our members in providing tips, tricks, tools and products in tax preparation for our REALTORS members. He brings a sense of humor and fun to all his presentations that keeps you engaged. I would highly recommend Fred as a speaker or business partner to any company whether it’s in the real estate business or just simply using him and his company to perform a no-cost review your income tax returns to find any mistakes or missed strategies to reduce your taxes.”

-Jonnie P, CEO Fayette County Board of REALTORS

“My experience has been great with the monthly retainer basis. If you are comparing the services of simple tax prep to the services you receive from Fred, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I like the idea of having access to my CPA when needed to answer questions as tax issues arise, and they do more than you might think over the life of your business. But the biggest advantage I have seen so far with the retainer is the tax savings that Fred has created by proper tax planning over the life of the business.

I also like the idea of the monthly retainer because it is easy to budget the expense on a monthly basis versus being hit with a bill for tax preparation once a year.

In the last six years, his tax planning strategies have saved me over $40,000 in taxes. For a sole practitioner and father of four, being able to bring that money home where it is needed has been worth the monthly investment for my business and my family”

-Kyle, DC CCSP Buford GA

“I’ve used Fred Bumpass the last few years for my taxes. He is very prompt and does an excellent job. Everything is done electronically and a very free of hassle experience. Fred is very quick to respond to questions. He is communicative, has the paperwork well organized, and is transparent in the steps he needs to take in filing my taxes. I highly recommend using his services if you need assistance with more than just basic tax filings. Thanks again, Fred!”

-Naiá, REALTOR at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

“Fred has been amazing to work with for the last several years!!! We have really appreciated all his help and guidance.

From 2019 to 2021 his tax planning strategies saved us $15,764! 

-Beth, Buford GA

“Fred is personable and trustworthy. Makes me feel comfortable to ask any questions I may have pertaining to my tax inquiries. So glad to have him as my CPA!”

-Susie, Gainesville, GA

“I have utilized the services of Fred Bumpass, CPA over the years as far back as 1981. Fred is an excellent CPA, he is not only an expert in his field, but he is a CPA with personality…yes, personality…something you don’t think about when searching for a CPA (because few have it!). It is always nice to do business with someone that is professional, but personable, as well! I would recommend Fred Bumpass to anyone that expects excellent service at a reasonable price, whether it is doing income tax returns, monthly business services, or even professional money management coaching. Fred is the BEST!!!”

-Don, CLU, Camarillo, CA

“I have known Fred for over 22 years, and have used his professional services many times during that period. In addition I have gotten to know Fred and his family very well, and he exhibits the same integrity as a person in his profession and in his personal life. He has always provided me with solid, straightforward answers to my questions and has given me exceptional service on all projects he has handled for my business (law) and me personally (federal and state income tax returns and other tax advice). I can recommend Fred without equivocation, and encourage anyone reading this endorsement to be sure to avail themselves of his outstanding expertise and service.”

-Martin, Lawyer, Burleson, TX

“When it comes to taxation and financial matters, I want an individual with the utmost integrity, expert knowledge, a passion for his craft, and an enthusiasm for helping others. That’s Fred. His best-in-class coaching has saved me a lot of money over the years and he has always gone the extra mile to meet my personal and business needs. Quite simply, putting Fred on your team will be the best financial decision you make this year. ”

– Gordon, Louisville, KY

“Fred is an excellent CPA! He possesses a wealth of knowledge and is a man of impeccable integrity. He was referred to me by a financial advisor at my bank. I was drawn to him immediately both from his professional credentials and his personal style. The first year Fred prepared my tax return he corrected a problem created by an error by my previous tax preparer, saving me a few thousand dollars in the process. Each year he has saved me money on my taxes through his expertise and sound financial advice. He has always given me wise counsel and gone “above and beyond” in answering my questions. He prepared several scenarios for me regarding IRA contributions and future savings relating to retirement planning. He also helped me plan for investment distributions and the potential impact on my tax bracket. Fred has become a close personal friend as well as my trustworthy CPA. I wholeheartedly recommend Fred for personal or corporate tax planning!”

– Ron, Buford, GA